Police arrest suspect increate your own wristband ax murder case

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Local police arrested a murder suspect who allegedly killed a father of two daughters in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region, police said on Thursday.

The suspect, surnamed Meng, is believed to have attacked the victim Li with an ax in Li"s home at about 4 pm on Feb 18 in Tuquan county. Li was sent to hospital but died on Feb 19. Meng called the police after the incident and turned himself in, according to a statement by Tuquan police.

Li"s older daughter, Li Jinhua, is a graduate student at Communication University of China in Beijing. She posted an article on Wednesday on WeChat in memory of her father and made accusations against the suspect, which triggered a heated discussion online. According to the article, the suspect visited her home during the Spring Festival, which was normal for villagers in rural China. The suspect entered the house and hit her father with an ax. She and her sister were also attacked. Her mother passed out when she heard the noise and entered the room, then witnessed her husband on the floor covered with blood. After the incident, the suspect posted on the village"s WeChat group, "I cut Li Changyin. He should be dead".

China Daily was not able to reach Li Jinhua on Friday.

Meng"s motives remained unclear.

According to Beijing News, Li Jinhua said that Meng got into trouble all the time and people disliked him. She did not elaborate whether the two families held any old grudges.